At Contemporary Dental Health, we are pleased to collaborate with our professional partners to bring you comfortable and complete dental care. Dr. Keith F. Ogawa works closely with these health professionals to help bring you whole body health though our advanced restorative dentistry. We invite you to learn more about the role our partners play in your smile journey and are happy to answer any of your questions about reconstructive dental care in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Contact us today at 503-636-4069 to learn more or meet with our skilled dentist.


Sonya Rose has three decades of clinical and business experience in general and specialty dentistry. Her experience has a vast range from a ‘wet-fingered’ chairside to a dental business consultant and currently as a dental sales professional. All of these experiences have allowed for outstanding business-to-dentist relationships yielding profitable results in business and personal lives. She is a proven effective communicator who coaches the development of speaking with the power of confidence combined with the impact of listening.

“It is with confidence and ease that I highly recommend Dr. Ogawa and the team. They are highly trained and specialized clinicians who transform smiles and lives. Their welcoming practice will leave you with a beautiful smile and friends for life.”

Sonya Rose

Catalyst for Growth and Profitability

Patterson Dental



With over 40 years of experience, Clay Rosenau is integral to our dental office. He creates all the cosmetic, crown, veneer and dental implants, and his work is exemplary. The in-house lab at Contemporary Dental Health, along with his local lab, allows Rosenau to handcraft every piece himself. Our in-house lab also enables him to collaborate with Dr. Ogawa at all stages of our patients’ care, allowing us the ability to make any adjustments while the patient is “in the chair,” which ensures everything is exactly what the patient wants. He loves being a part of Dr. Ogawa’s team, where collaboration on every case allows Rosenau and Dr. Ogawa to work very well together. “Both of us tend to be perfectionists,” he says, “so we are always on the same page.”

When Clay is not doing dentistry, he enjoys fishing and outdoor activities.