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What Are Dental Implants?

Replacing lost teeth is essential to the general condition of your oral health and the function of your smile. Contemporary Dental Health The Center for Advanced Dentistry is extremely thrilled to offer lifelike dental implants for tooth replacement. A dental implant is a sturdy post that functions as an artificial tooth root. A custom crown, bridge, or full arch is installed on top of the artificial root to replace one tooth or many teeth. They replicate the look, feel, and function of your natural teeth so you can eat and speak normally. If you suffer from missing teeth or need a tooth extraction, set up an evaluation at our Lake Oswego, OR office.

What Can I Expect From Dental Implants?

The dental implant process involves surgically positioning an artificial root and lifelike restoration on top of it. We'll dull the treatment area with local anesthesia and may use sedation if required or requested. We'll set the base of the implant in your jawbone and give it time to bond with the bone tissue. When the implant area is fully healed (about six to nine months later), we will attach a unique denture, crown, or full-arch piece to it and assess the alignment of your bite.

You might have moderate puffiness, discoloration, and pain around the treated region after the initial procedure. Prescription or over-the-counter pain meds and cool compresses can help with post-surgery discomfort. After the metal implant base has combined with the bone tissue and the crown, denture, or bridge is affixed to it, you must maintain a regular dental health regimen (including regular brushing and flossing). The team at Contemporary Dental Health The Center for Advanced Dentistry will polish your implants and check their condition during your regular exams and cleanings.

I’ve seen hygienist Dorcas 3 times and my confidence and trust in her keep expanding, which is saying a lot, since she first impressed me as stellar. She is thorough, empathetic, committed, and generous with her deep knowledge, which has been much called upon, as I’ve had some baffling problems in spite of my own scrupulous self-care. What’s more, she is a lovely person with a light touch and light within her, making it a pleasure to be in her hands and company. She brings intelligence, determination, and graciousness to these cleaning sessions, probing the depths of hidden or potential problems. I come out feeling reassured as well as fresh and sparkling. ***** I could hardly wait to go to bed with my freshly adjusted night guard! That was after my most recent session at Contemporary Dental Health. And I awoke happily balanced and tension-free. Crowning implants to perfection, referring me for tori reduction when advisable, resolving inflammation, deftly replacing a cracked crown, always checking my bite - these are major services I’ve received since becoming Dr. Ogawa’s patient in the wake of Dr. Wendling’s departure, after my ten years in her extraordinary care. From the beginning, Dr. Ogawa and LeeAnna have been kind, generous, making time for me in several emergencies, accommodating my own scheduling constraints, and keeping me in health-enhancing and tooth-caring supplies. Dr. Ogawa is a master of patience, focus, and precision. My recent session with him fine-tuning my orthotic night guard underscored these qualities as he calibrated and adjusted with exactitude, and explained why I’d been clenching on the right side after numerous changes (tori reduction, extractions, implants) in my mouth. He’s always clarified any issues so I understand what needs to be corrected, and why. I’m grateful for this and the friendliness of all the staff at Contemporary Dental Health : LeeAnna, Dorcas, Nina, and Dr. Ogawa with his dental wizardry.

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Lifelike Results for Your Smile

Thanks to advancements in modern dental technology, you can overcome the problem of missing teeth with realistic and durable dental implants. Our team is proud to offer alternatives for tooth replacement to people in Lake Oswego, OR. To learn about replacement options, schedule your consultation with Contemporary Dental Health The Center for Advanced Dentistry today.

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